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Interior painting can be a daunting task if you choose to complete everything at once. A lot of people have inquiries about all this paint job. Specifically, how frequently should your home be repainted?

There isn’t just one official response, though. Considerations include wear and tear, frequency of use, and purpose of the entire interior, among other factors. Every space is a little distinct. High-traffic areas, for example, will likely require more frequent painting, whereas other spots may last for years without needing to be redone. There are times when it will depend solely on your decor preferences. You might like to repaint some rooms more frequently than others.

How Frequently Should Interior Walls Be Painted?

Your interior rooms should be repainted every three to five years for the best results. You might need to repaint more frequently if you redecorate your house or change the design of a room. You might need to paint more frequently if your lifestyle, that of your family, and the things you do contribute to the appearance of the walls. Our interior painters at Enterprise Painters will help paint your house to make it look beautiful again.

Living Room and Dining Room

Because formal living areas and dining rooms aren’t used frequently, the paint tends to last more in these spaces than in others. Additionally, the cabinetry in these spaces is more abundant, which serves as a barrier to prevent people from touching the walls. Repainting these areas is more likely to be done for aesthetic reasons than to cover up the damage. These rooms typically last 5-7 years but could last even longer.


Since adult bedrooms are generally not the most used spaces in the house, they won’t need repainting as frequently. Because they aren’t in high-traffic areas, nobody often bumps into or touches the walls there. As a result, paint jobs in standard bedrooms can usually last five years or longer.

The situation in kids’ rooms is different. Since they frequently serve as playrooms for multiple kids, they see a lot more action. Due to all the activity, it is more likely that throughout playtime the walls will become dirty or damaged. To ensure the coat lasts as long as possible in a child’s room, choose an extremely durable finish, such as a pearl or satin sheen. Even if you use sturdy paint, the walls will require to be cleaned more frequently, so you might need to repaint after three to four years or even sooner.


Since the kitchen is supposedly the center of the house, it is usually a busy room. They endure a lot of wear and tear because of the actions that happen in the kitchen. Contact your local painting contractors to help repaint your kitchen.

Frying splatters, stains, and food preparation often require you to clean the walls more frequently, affecting how long your paint lasts. Kitchen walls also tend to get dirty more quickly. Kitchens require more frequent painting than other home areas, even if you use the most long-lasting paint finishes. Repaint them every three to four years.


Bathrooms are another room that gets a lot of use. Again, people are more likely to touch the walls in a relatively small bathroom or powder room. But the main problem in restrooms is moisture and humidity, which can shorten the lifespan of your paint. You’ll typically need to repaint bathrooms and other high-humid spaces like washrooms every three to four years.

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