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Painters Near Me Debunk 5 Common Painting Myths

Painters Near Me Debunk 5 Common Painting Myths

As anyone who’s ever attempted to paint their own home can attest, painting is not as easy as it looks. There are a lot of little details that go into a paint job, from prep work to choosing the right paint and brushes. In fact, there are a lot of myths about it that can trip up even the most experienced painters.

Here, painters near me in Salt Lake City debunk five of the most common painting myths:

1. You can use paint anywhere.

Not all paints are created equal. Before you start painting, consider first the type of paint for the job. Is it a new painting or is it a repainting? You’ll also need to consider whether you’re painting inside or outside your home.

Surface type is also a vital factor in choosing the right type of paint. Plain surfaces require different paint than textured surfaces, while some may need special primers to withstand the elements.

If you’re unsure what paint goes with which surface, just search for “painters near me” for professional recommendations that suit your painting needs.

2. Putty can cover all imperfections.

Putty is a great way to fix minor cosmetic issues, but it’s not going to be able to fix bigger problems. If you have large cracks or gaps in your walls, it’s best to consult with a structural engineer. Don’t try to fix major issues like that yourself, as this could cause further damage and cost you more. If the surface you want painted needs a lot of prep, you can call professional painters near you for assistance.

3. You can apply wall paints on floors.

You can technically use floor paint on your walls, but painters near you won’t recommend it. This is because wall paints are not made to withstand too much wear and tear. Floors are exposed to more traffic and abuse than walls, so using floor paint on your walls will likely cause the paint to chip and peel much sooner.

4. You can go without a primer.

Primer is a necessary component of any paint job. It protects the walls and provides a base for the topcoat to adhere to. Many people believe that a primer can be skipped, but this is not true. A topcoat will not last without a primer, and together they create a long-lasting paint job. Missing either one will result in a paint job that won’t hold up long.

5. You can use any kind of thinner with any paint.

Each type of paint needs a specific thinner to work as intended. For example, lacquer paint must be used with a lacquer thinner. If you use the wrong kind of thinner, it could damage the paint or cause it to wear faster.

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