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Professional Painters in Salt Lake City UT in 2020

Spring season is upon us in Utah, and now is the best time to start your home painting project. If you plan to do a DIY, you need to purchase tools that professional painters use so that you can achieve the results you desire.

There are so many painting tools available in the market, but the question is, do they really work as advertised?

We share some tried and tested products that can make your painting project easier.

Painting your home exterior and interior is a daunting task. If you want exceptional results, the best option is to hire professional painters if your budget permits.

Texture Terminator

Do you have popcorn stuck on your ceiling or walls? Scraping them can be a tedious and messy process.

Good thing we have the Texture Terminator to make things easier for us. The metal blade makes scrapping a breeze, and the built-in container that catches the falling debris helps control the mess.

The tool comes with an adjustable-length handle that can handle various ceiling heights.

The manufacturer claims that the texture terminator can scrape a 240 sq foot room ceiling in as little as 40 minutes.

A handy tool that helps you clean up like the professional painters.


If you have painted by DIY before, you may have experienced paint leaking despite laying down painter’s tape all around the room. This situation can mess up a perfectly-executed paint job.

The good news is FrogTape features a new PaintBlock technology that keeps paint from bleeding behind the tape.

The product has a formulation that acts like a micro barrier that reacts with latex paint. You don’t need to worry about scraping dried paint off your woodwork anymore.

Werner Work Platform

Using a ladder when you paint can be unsafe and tiring. You need to go up and down with your paint container until you finish painting the whole area.

The Werner Work Platform lifts you 20 inches off the ground and gives you space to move and work.

It weighs less than 13 pounds, so it’s easy to move around, a safe and sturdy platform that is safer than using a ladder.

Rust-Oleum Dry Erase Paint

If you have children in your home, its no surprise that some of your walls have drawings all around them.

The good news for your little Michaelangelo is you can paint the room with the Rust-Oleum Dry Erase paint that allows your little artist to write on your wall using dry erase markers and wipe them clean with a rag or eraser.

The latex-based paint can be applied with a foam roller or brush. Two coats of the paint will allow you to create a painter’s canvas in your children’s bedroom.

Purdy Power Lock Poles and 18 inch Rollers

Many DIY painters are thrilled to use rollers that are twice the standard size of nine inches. Imagine spreading a coat of paint twice the width of your regular roller; it makes your job easier.

The Power Lock poles give you the ability to reach areas even without a ladder, and the poles can extend from two to 16 feet depending on the model you purchase.

The benefit of keeping your feet on the ground while painting hard to reach areas makes the process safer, quicker, and more efficient.

Graco TrueCoat 360DS Paint Sprayer

Professional painter of Enterprise Painters with a roller dipped in yellow paint
Profesional Painter Salt Lake City UT

This is a great product that helps the average person spray with accuracy and no overspray.

The TrueCoat carries paint in a disposable flex liner bag attached to the bottom of the gun.

Makes your painting job faster compared to using brushes. You can finish the job just like professional painters.

Hire The Best Professional Painters For Your Home Painting Project.

Using the latest advances in painting tools can help DIY painters immensely. Should you decide to hire professional painters this time around, we can help you.

Repainting your home interior is a big job that is best left to trusted professional painters in Salt Lake City, UT.

It’s always a good idea to hire professional home painters when you have enough money to pay for the services.

The best way to ensure a high-quality paint job that will last for a long time is now within your reach.

At Enterprise Painters, we can give the best recommendations on the latest trends and colors that will suit your house. 

Painting scams are out there, and you need to be careful as they are disguised in cheap prices and exclusive discounts. Avoid falling for these scammers’ tricks and false advertising.

This is your chance to choose an honest and reliable painting service company in Salt Lake City, UT, for your home repainting project.

A trusted and reliable painting contractor is crucial to ensure the consistency and longevity of the home painting project.

Enterprise Painters are professional painters that can get the job done without taking short cuts.

We use drop cloths, painter’s tape, painting buckets, and ladders, and other tools to make the job easier and safer for everyone.

Our team of professional painters is fully equipped with the latest painting tools and safety equipment to ensure the quality of work, and that no accidents will happen while we are on the job.

Give your home a fresh new look this spring season and increase its resale value with our residential painting services.

Our residential painting services include:

  • Interior Painting – kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, dining room, shelves, pantries, game rooms, hallways, bedrooms and garages
  • Exterior Painting – homes, barns, doors, playhouses, parking, and sheds
  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting
  • Drywall Patching
  • Garage Floor Epoxy

Painting a house is not as simple as buying a brush and painting your walls, and every DIY painter knows that. The preparation process alone is tedious and can only be done the right way by experienced professionals.

Enterprise Painters provides home and business owners with high-quality painting services in Salt Lake City, UT.

Give us a call or send us a message on our website for a free estimate.