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Enterprise Painters provides home & business owners in Bountiful, Centerville, Salt Lake City & surrounding areas in Utah, with high quality work at reasonable rates. No job is too small or big for us, we have painted it all.

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How is Enterprise Painters different from your typical painting contractor?

So here’s what we promise…

Don't Wait For The Problems To Get Worse

Bad Paint Looks Bad & Can't Protect Your Home

A woman thinking of potential painting ideas for her home

You Need New Paint When:

Houses, Businesses, Concrete, Cabinets, More
Is old paint hazardous? … Some paints are flammable, toxic and contain harmful solvents, resins and pigments; very old oil-based paints (1978 and before) may also contain lead.

Before Photos

Ongoing painting project on wooden home kitchen cabinets in Bountiful, Utah
Professional painting project on wooden kitchen cabinets and counters
Newly painted wood-finish kitchen cabinets and counters in Layton, UT
Close-up of bathroom cabinets expertly painted dark brown in Bountiful, UT
Newly installed wooden basement shelves that need professional painting
Ongoing painting for basement shelves in a North Salt Lake residence

After Photos

White wooden door of a kitchen cabinet that needs painting
Kitchen cabinets, drawers, and shelves freshly painted with white
Kitchen cabinets, center isle, and hanging shelves freshly painted in white
Newly painted doors and steel handles of a bathroom cabinet
Basement drawers and cabinets newly painted with white in North Salt Lake
Newly painted doors and steel handles of a bathroom cabinet

How Will Our Staff Help You?

Once you give us a call, you’ll then speak with one of our very own Customer Support Expert.
We’ll happily answer your call along with any burning questions that you may have for us.
Additionally, we can also schedule you in for a FREE, In-Person Painting Consultation as well.
A customer picking a color from the catalog of a paint shop

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Google Reviews

Hector Pichardo
Hector Pichardo
a year ago
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Enterprise Painters is a very professional and stand up guy. I would definitely recommend Enterprise Painters for all of your painting needs!
Josh Krogue
Josh Krogue
a year ago
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We had Enterprise Painters team paint most of our house and they did an amazing job. Once they finished they walked me through it and made sure they did everything the way I wanted it. Very impressed. Highly recommend them.
Bobby Stanger
Bobby Stanger
a year ago
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I would suggest them to anyone in need of an honest and professional painting crew. I was more than happy with my experience and will use them again when needed. Thank you again!!!!
Marianne Reed
Marianne Reed
a year ago
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We had Enterprise Painters paint the exterior of our home. They were great! The painters were fast and efficient were so easy to work with. Thanks for all your good work!
Vasquez Family Vlogs
Vasquez Family Vlogs
a year ago
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I most definitely would recommend hiring Enterprise Painters. Even if it's just one room or a bathroom or just trim or even for just a free estimate, Enterprise Painters are the painters you want. Honest, Kind, cleanness and hard working is what you can expect

Some Things To Think About:

You Need Painting Done Right

We offer high expertise painters and high quality painting in Centerville and all along the Front. We will get your painting done right the first time.

On the very rare occasions that the paint fails, or our work isn’t up to snuff, we will make it right. We want you happy because that is how we’d want to be treated, too.

Our Process

  1. Mask off and protect floors, walls, countertops and appliances.  There might be a 24 hour period of time that the fridge, microwave, oven, and sink will not be accessible due to masking.
  2. Remove hardware, hinges, and label everything.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to move the fridge or stove if desired on sensitive flooring.
  3. Tent off the kitchen area to contain any over spray and minimize dust.
  4. Clean, Sand, Patch, and Caulk the boxes and doors and drawer fronts.  This prep work is the most important and time consuming part of a great paint job.
  5. Spray 1 coat Zinzer BIN Bonding Primer/Stain-blocking primer. A second coat will be applied if needed to fill in or bridge in open grain. Spray 2 coats of a line of paint from Sherwin Williams called Pro-Industrial.  It retails for $98/gallon.  We pass on our contractor’s price to you.
  6. Rehang doors, drawers and hardware. 
  7. We sweep and dust everything but painting is a construction project and deep cleaning is generally needed afterwards.

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To make sure you hire the right painting company for your project, ask the painter that comes to your home several questions such as:

“How long have you been painting?”

“How many interiors (or exteriors, cabinets, etc.) have you painted?”

“Do you have experience in repairs?”

“Do you have references?”

And so forth.

You need to get an amazing look. So, ensure your painter is up to the challenge with good questions.


First of all, we work quickly and we have good prices, but that only, pardon the expression, paints half the picture.

At the end of the day, a poor-quality job will not last as long, is terrible to touch up paint and will not give you the experience we are trying to share with you.

Furthermore, our quality doesn’t just stop only when it comes to paints.

All of our employees need to pass the appropriate Background Checks and Drug Screenings in order to work for us, because we never settle for anything less than the very best.



Although we are not interior designers, we understand color theory and can help you choose fantastic colors, from neutrals to bold, beautiful color combos.

Call us to get a free consultation at your estimate.


The short answer is no, the paint won’t rub off—if you use the right kind. We use a specially formulated water-based enamel that dries fast and hard to your cabinets. inexperienced painters typically do not as they are trying to keep the cost as low as possible.

Instead of spending $20,000 (or more!) to replace your cabinets, a beautiful new paint job can last more than 20 years and cost a fraction of the cost.

Call us to find out how small that fraction is.


There are a very few things that do with color that we do not touch, mainly because we cannot guarantee the results. Metal roofs are one of those things. We’ll paint siding, soffits, fascia, and other parts of your exterior home, but we won’t paint roofing. We do know some folks, though, so call us and we can discuss your individual needs.


Here are some of the things we do. Click the links to read more about those things.
We are House Painters. We also do Commercial Painting for local businesses and large retailers, too.

We paint both the Exterior and the Interior of homes and offices. Speaking of interiors, we also offer a couple of prep work services like Popcorn Ceiling Removal. We also do small drywall repairs like Patching Drywall in preparation for paint.

On the outside, we offer Pressure Washing for the home. It gets rid of hard, rusty water stains as well as diminishes oil stains, clean off algae and more. We will paint Garage Floor Epoxy to protect against oil and dirt stains from happening (if your floor is already oily, let’s see what we can do.)

Finally, we offer Concrete Staining to bring new life to drives and floors as well as Deck Staining and refinishing. And our forté is Cabinet Painting.