Complete Home Transformation With House Painting Services

Complete Home Transformation With House Painting Services

A home’s paint color reflects the owner’s personality; most of the time, they want to make a good and lasting impression. However, damaged wood, peeled or cracked paint, moisture, and mildew are not a pretty sight. What you can do to completely transform your space is through a fresh coat of paint both inside and outside.

Why Consider A House Paint Job

Some clients want to have their home painted to improve its appearance and there are those who need expert house painters to repair signs of wear. If you are one of the homeowners who question the value of getting their house painted, the answer is that it’s worth it! There are more benefits to painting your whole house than its disadvantages.

Benefits of Exterior Painting Services

So what type of house painting project could improve your home’s curb appeal? It does not have to be an entire house painting project, you can start with parts outside your house such as windows, fences, decks, or even just garage doors.

A well-maintained property exudes elegance to its onlookers. People who see a beautifully painted exterior most likely expect a nice interior.

  • Protects your new home against external damage

Always remember that your home’s exterior paint job is your guests’ and buyers’ first impression of your house. If you’ve lived in an old home, you would know that special care is needed especially when it comes to its exterior paint. If you are planning to sell your home, know that the paint color can impact a buyer’s decision.

However, professional house painting contractors know that there is more to exterior paint than mere aesthetics. It is your home’s initial line of defense against harsh external elements that may damage it.

Interior painting services

  • Increase your home’s value through An Interior Painting project

Who would not want to have their home’s interior beautifully painted? When you put your home up for sale, you can ask for a higher selling price based on your kitchen painting. Studies suggest that dark kitchen cabinets and white walls tend to be more attractive to homebuyers. Badly maintained and chosen paint color discourages home buyers

This is why it is important to choose paint colors wisely. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home, having your entire interior painted by professional house painters, can last up to seven years.

  • Boost your mood at home

Depending on what paint colors you prefer, your home’s interior paint can generally affect your mood. It can make you feel relaxed or calm, energetic or productive. If you want a home upgrade without buying new furniture, maybe a change of paint color can do the trick.

If you are having trouble choosing the right interior paint color, you can contact a licensed paint professional near you. Some might even offer a free estimate on their house painting projects. With the increased work-from-home setup today, interior paint can play a huge role in an owner’s productivity.

How Much Do Painting Services Cost

Exterior Paint Job

A full exterior house re-paint is not cheap and may take about one week to two weeks, depending on the paint job. As you gather about two to three estimates from different house painting contractors you will notice variations in prices. This price difference is based on how house painters plan to execute the job, how much work they are willing to put into it and the paint products to be used. However, it is cheaper to have a house painter do an excellent job than to spend more on larger repair costs.

Interior Paint Job

When professional painters do an estimate, they consider two factors: materials to be used and labor. The cost of an interior paint job consists of about 85% labor, which can give you a clearer understanding of how estimates work.

Professional painters often calculate a paint job through square footage. Additional costs will incur for add-on services such as door and window trims, moldings and even painting the door. On some occasions, painters may charge per room. In general, painting the living rooms may cost a couple of thousand dollars while a bedroom may cost about $800.When it’s time for you to hire professional house painting contractors, make sure you discuss the cost, scope of work, time needed to finish the job and work guarantees.