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Classic Exterior Colors For All Season – Exterior Painters Salt Lake City UT

Exterior Painters Salt Lake City UT

Your home’s landscape and backdrop will change over time from one season to another. Picking the right paint color for the exterior of your house can be tricky at times. You need to choose the paint color that would look best no matter what season it is. To further give you an idea of what exterior colors to paint your house, read on to know more.

Classic Exterior Colors For All Season – Exterior Painters Salt Lake City, UT

Barn Red

This particular shade of red tone is a universal color that goes well with all seasons. During the winter season, barn red is a subtle representation of warmth and comfort. The uniqueness of barn red makes it a perfect color for your home that won’t fade whenever a new season comes in. Barn red will gain more contrast in the spring and summer, implying vibrant greens and blossom “singing” to the red barn canvass. When autumn comes, the yellow tones of the seasons naturally blend into the color of your home’s facade. You can opt for white embellishment for this color for a more comforting feel.

Neutral & Light Blues

Neutral and light blue hues are calming and soothing color schemes. Imagine yourself living in a house with a sky blue facade color that dances to the blossom and implies a dreamy vibe during the winter season.

Earthy Greens

Earthy greens do not go out of style in the snowy winter when paired with foliage, which connotes that life is only dormant at the moment. Earthy greens are suitable for a lively facade. You can paint your trims and door with tan, neutral and blue hues to complement well with earthy green color tones.

Neutral & Tan Colors

A classic white or off-white is a classic color that does not go out of trends no matter its season. If choosing various colors is a bit overwhelming for you, find a safe color such as neutral and tan colors. These neutral & tan colors go well with your exterior landscape and any paint color for your trims and edges.

Causes of Exterior Paint Color Fading – Exterior Painters Salt Lake City, UT

Too Much Sun Exposure

As much as we love the summer season, but the scorching hot UV rays of the sun can make your exterior paint fade faster. High levels of sun exposure significantly affect the pigmentation of your exterior paint color.

Fluctuating Temperature

The changing temperature in your home can contribute stress to the whole paint system and significantly add to the deterioration of your paint color.

Incorrect Layering

DIY-ing your exterior painting job can result in the incorrect application of paint layers. The wrong layering of paint color can contribute to color deterioration. When color deterioration happens, you would be spending another dime to have it repainted. It is the main reason why having a professional painting contractor or company for the exterior painting job is the most efficient and economical way to optimize the benefits of painting your home.

Lack of Proper Paint Maintenance

Exterior wall paintings need a regular wash down, and grass trimming near your house to preserve the paint’s quality and finish in your home. If you don’t know how to do it properly, you can always seek help from painting experts. Enterprise Painters right here in Salt Lake City, UT, is your go-to painting professional to help you maintain well-preserved paint.

Why is exterior house painting essentially important? – Exterior Painters Salt Lake City UT

Nothing beats a fresh coat of paint in transforming your house. It can make your home look modern and sophisticated with the proper application of paint. Aside from the aesthetic value that color can give, paint also protects your house from rotten and fast deterioration against harsh weather conditions.

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