Give your Home A Makeover with House Painting Ideas Near Me

House Painting Ideas near me

Are you getting tired of seeing the same colors on your wall?  Do you feel the need to revamp the vibrance of your home? Well, you may have painted your home a long time ago, but right now, it’s time to give your stale home a makeover.

The Best Time to Spruce up your Home with New Colors

General cleaning during the spring season is an old tradition worth doing and celebrating. While cleaning is a tradition, it is also fun to spruce up your home for this coming summer by reinventing, restyling, and redesigning house painting ideas to give it a fresh new look. Shake off those winter doldrums with house painting ideas this spring. 

6 House Painting Color Idea Trends to try :

Deep Teal

This has been one of the most trendy colors to try on. Painting your exterior house with deep teal is a sure head-turner. It complements perfectly with the greenery bush, plants, and the grass in your backyard. It is best to pair up with a tan trim to keep the deeper tones.


Don’t forget this classic color on your list. White does not fade in the trend. Painting your house white gives that classic, elegant vibe to your home. A perfect coat of white goes along well with adding a pop of color to your front door and trim.


Who says this bright and bold color does not spice up your home? For elaborate architectural modern design homes, adding a burgundy shade to your homes is a sure win to make your home that unique edge. It gives more impact and statement. This bold color choice makes your home cozier and homier.


Just like the color white, charcoal is a classic warm color that adds up an elegant style to your home. It goes along well with any bright, neutral colors to your home accents. Charcoal is a welcoming color that makes your home more comfortable and a laidback abode.

Light Yellow

Yellow is quite a statement color, and many people avoid its vividness. But, you can opt for a pale toned yellow color. It does give your house a calm, subtle and cheery vibe while making a statement.

Blush Pink

This feminine color has been one of the most favorites to make your home a new vibrance. Homeowners feel more aligned with adding this color to their homes. It implies calmness in its tone. It complements well with neutral light tones for your home accents.

DIY Painting or Hiring a Professional? – EnPC House Painting Ideas near me

If you have enough time exploring and experimenting with different colors to add a coat of paint to your home, you can try to do it yourself. But, you need to make sure that you choose the right kind of paint for your exterior or interior painting projects. Remember that there are many kinds of color, and it has different uses. 

If you’re unsure whether or not to paint this color or that, you can seek help from a professional to do the job for you. Professional painters know the right kind of paint and color combination to make your house painting a successful spring home upgrade project. 

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