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Enterprise Painters provides home and business owners in Centerville and Salt Lake City, Utah with high-quality painting services.

Owned and operated by Danny, our team has over two decades of experience in transforming homes and business establishments into beautifully painted properties.

A recipient of rave reviews online, Enterprise Painters is known to listen to what you have in mind and gives recommendations from a professional’s point of view.

This meeting of the minds has resulted in projects that have exceeded expectations.
Check out our 5-star reviews online, and read about what real customers are raving about.

Best Products and Procedures

Enterprise Painters uses only high-quality paints and tried and tested application procedures that give you the final streak-free finish.
Our penchant for high-quality paints will give you a finish that will last for many years to come.

We Clean as We Go

Enterprise Painters makes sure that we keep a tidy work area, so that the rest of your living space will not get disrupted while we do our job.
We protect your property, and clean up after ourselves.

Industry-leading 5-year warranty

No other company can offer a 5-year warranty on labor and materials as we do.

Residential Painting Service

Do you want to wake up to a brand new home? Residential painting is the fastest way to transform your old, cracked and peeling paint into a visual masterpiece.
Paint is also your number one defense against weather damage, insects and other contaminants.
This is why home painting should be a part of your home maintenance agenda.
We paint both the interior and exterior of your homes.

Commercial Painting Service

The way your commercial space looks can make an excellent first impression for prospective clients and employees.
We paint both the interior and exterior of your commercial business establishments.

Office Painting Service

Applying specific paint colors is proven to have a psychological effect that can increase productivity in the workplace.
A good interior design begins with the paint color on the office walls.

Wood Staining and Sealing Service

Wood is a popular material for building because of its versatility. One of the best ways to improve the look of your wood pieces is by using a stain and protecting it with sealant.
Wood stain can emphasize and enhance the rich wood grain.
When done correctly, staining and sealing can give you an elegant finish for years.

Wood Painting Service

Many parts of Utah homes are made of wood. Enhance the look of your wooden pieces with our quality paints that bond with wood grain and lasts for years.
Our team is experienced and trained to paint wood surfaces that leave a streak-free finish.
Feel free to explore our website to learn more.

Epoxy Flooring Service

Epoxy floors last longer than the rest, which is why it is a popular flooring solution for most home and business owners.
Epoxy is almost synonymous to concrete floors as they add not only beauty but also long-lasting protection.
We are experts in the use of epoxy and floor coating products for waterproof sealing of your concrete floors.

Brick, Cinder and Stucco Service

Despite the popularity of wood as a home building material, there are many homes and offices in Utah that are built from brick, cement or stucco.
These materials give a different texture but limit your color choices.
Our expert painters can paint these particular types of exterior using high-quality paints and the right tools.
It’s not as simple as painting over your brick, cement or stucco exterior. Special paint products ensure proper bonding and a finish that lasts.
You also need to protect your hard surfaces from moisture because brick and cement are porous materials.
Sealing is a part of our painting process to ensure that we keep moisture at bay.

Faux Finishing Glazing and Stripping Service

We have mastered the techniques in faux finishing, glazing and stripping. Our artists can make your walls stand out from the rest with these impressive new painting styles.