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Practical Advice for House Painting in Salt Lake City, UT

Moving into a new home can be exciting, but before you proceed, you need to decide on whether or not to paint your home or rental property.

When house painting in Salt Lake City, UT is needed, you have to make another decision on hiring a professional painter or perform a DIY.

You have to consider the scale of the project, your time frame, and if you need exterior or interior painting.

After all these things are considered, the answer to whether you hire the pros for house painting in Salt Lake City, UT, will be clearer.

When you consider the scale of your painting project, you should think about your own capabilities to finish the project. 

Does your home have multiple stories that you need to paint? 

Are you painting a room or the whole interior?

You need to factor in the prep work and the work involved. 

Are you willing to risk your safety when you need to paint 2 or 3 stories off the ground?

A DIY paint job is ideal for simple painting projects. If the house painting project is extensive, you should consider leaving it to the professionals.

Painting a new home with smooth paint simplifies your prep time dramatically. You don’t have to worry about peeling from old paint or doing repairs to old ceilings and drywalls. 

Scraping and sanding can be a tedious process, you should hire help to shorten the prep time.

House painting your exterior is more complicated than painting indoors. You have to deal with the elements and tough to reach places. 

If the job requires painting your front door and by all means, go for DIY, but a full exterior painting job requires professional house painting in Salt Lake City, UT.

DIY Paint Buying Guide

If you feel like you have what it takes to DIY, you begin the project by choosing your paint. Don’t fall into the temptation of buying the cheapest paint available, your goal is to make your home look good and paint to last a long time.

Choosing a color is the first step, then you pick the type of paint that you want.

  • Latex Paint – also known as water-based paint which is now the top choice in environmentally friendly paint. This type of paint gives you excellent color retention, which is ideal for exterior walls. Latex paints are also suitable for interior walls that are prone to moisture like bathrooms and laundry areas. You also get quicker drying times and fewer odors compared to oil-based paints.
  • Paint Luster – the paints we have today comes in several different finishes. There are dull to shiny finishes. Glossier finishes are more durable and easier to wash while flat paint is ideal for hiding rough surfaces. 
  • Oil Based Paint – This type of paint is more durable than latex paints and should be used on surfaces that you want to last for a long time. Take note of longer drying periods and strong odor, but when it comes to durability, nothing can beat it. Oil-based paints are great for moldings and trims.

Buying paint can be costly; purchasing too much can be a mistake because paint stores won’t give you refunds.

You should buy around 80% of the estimated paint that you need and purchase more as needed. Paint stores can help you know how much paint you need if you are not sure how much to buy. Ask your sales professional for advice.

Hiring a Professional for House Painting in Salt Lake City, UT

After taking things into consideration and you decide to hire an expert for house painting in Salt Lake City, UT, we advise on how to proceed.

Get your mobile phone and ask Siri or Google for the best house painting near you. Make a list of prospects and ask for detailed estimates. Make sure they include materials, paint, labor, and timeframe for your painting project.

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Home Painting Salt Lake City UT

Ask if they charge for travel time, pressure washing, and caulking if needed.

Check on your contractor’s credentials, which includes permits and licenses that Salt Lake City requires. Ask about insurance and if they are updated with their payments. You wouldn’t want to pay for hospital bills once a worker gets injured while working in your property.

Once all terms of payment are written out in a contract, and every detail is included, you can now sign the contract with your chosen provider.

The Best House Painting Services in Salt Lake City, UT

At Enterprise Painters, we are up to date with the new trends in colors and patterns, and we can give the best recommendations on what color will suit your home.

Painting scams are common nowadays disguised in special offers. Don’t fall for their tricks and false advertising.

Choosing an honest and reliable house painting services contractor in Salt Lake City, UT, is crucial to ensure the consistency and longevity of the home painting project.

Enterprise Painters are interior and exterior painting contractors that can get the job done without taking short cuts.

We use drop cloths, painter’s tape, painting buckets, and ladders, and other tools to make the job easier and safer for everyone.

We invest in the latest safety equipment and painting tools to ensure the quality of work, and no accidents will happen while we are on the job.

Transform the overall look of your home now with our residential painting services.

Our residential painting services include:

  • Interior Painting – kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, dining room, shelves, pantries, game rooms, hallways, bedrooms and garages
  • Exterior Painting – homes, barns, doors, playhouses, parking, and sheds
  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting
  • Drywall Patching
  • Garage Floor Epoxy

Painting a home is not as simple as picking a brush and applying some paint. The preparation process alone is tedious and can only be done the right way by experienced professionals.

Enterprise Painters provides home and business owners with high-quality house painting services in Salt Lake City, UT.

Give us a call or send us a message on our website for a free estimate.